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Coaching provides a framework of support to connect with what is most important, and to take action. Coaching can be applied to all areas of an individual's personal and professional life. It also creates powerful results within an organization by strengthening leadership, increasing productivity and effectiveness, and building healthy teams.
Individual Coaching is confidential and safe. Topics can include career, health, relationships with family, friends and partners, finances, and personal  development. It starts with an initial session for the coach and client to design their relationship with each other. They also begin to clarify the client's values, issues, and goals. Then coaching calls take place each week for fifty minutes, with additional check-ins and emails as needed. The focus is always on the client's self-discovery, satisfaction, and accomplishment of what matters most in their life and business.
Leadership & Executive Coaching for profit, nonprofit, and public sector leaders is directed at developing and applying the skills and competencies of leadership. This, in turn, strengthens the organization. The partnership between the coach and leader can be designed in a variety of ways. It can consist of conversations that coach and mentor the leader in order to strengthen both leadership and practical management skills, and provide a "behind-the-scenes" ally. It can also expand to include consulting services in order to develop and support initiatives that build the organization.
Group Coaching builds the strength of the members, and a new community. This type of coaching is also effective to develop collaborative and effective teams in the workplace.
Consulting extends the philosophy of coaching to bring an organization to a better place. It is essential to understand the interpersonal dynamics within an organization in order to build trust. Then, it becomes possible to set meaningful goals, develop the plans to achieve them, build the capacity of the organization for success, and achieve sustainable results. Increasing effectiveness, refining infrastructure, managing a transition, or developing additional financial resources can all be areas of focus. In addition, in the nonprofit sector, initiatives can include volunteer recruitment and management, program design and refinement, community outreach and marketing, and board development and training for fund-raising.
Collaboration involves situations where the coach works in partnership with the staff or board of an organization. Working on-site, hand-in-hand with the leadership and staff, coaching skills contribute to thoughtful and inclusive discussions, and mentoring skills apply the knowledge and experience of the coach to the process and results. 
Interim Executive Leadership bridges the time between leaders where there is a departure of the head of an organization, and can ensure that the transfer of information and the readiness of staff members for new leadership are addressed appropriately. This also allows for a skilled and impartial review of the health and stability of the organization, which can lead to the design and implementation of measures that are needed for improvement. 


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